Friday, May 02, 2008

The House is filling up....

Katie is home from college for the summer. This also means that Sunny (her BF) will spend almost every waking minute here when he is not at work. Adam, our youth pastor is still living here (I think it is 49 days until his wedding) which means his fiance' is here alot too. That is 7 of us hanging around and Mike isn't even here! Geesh!

Not much new on the house selling. We lowered the price by a big chunk this week. We are still having about a showing a week. No takers yet.

Mike is doing great at his job. He really likes the people and seems to be thriving. It is pretty stressful, but he seems so much happier than his old job. He did get "unintentional" revenge on his old bosses though. One of his good friends that still worked for the "other" company just gave his two weeks notice and will be joining Mike at Dyer. Yippee! Mike is really excited for him and is looking forward to showing him the ropes.

Only 21 days of school left. Yeah! I am ready to sleep in. :)

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OziMum said...

Bring on those sleep ins! Our school term started last week (although we were in China... so no school for us! back Wed :(

I hope that the new owners of your house walk through your doors this weekend. Housing slumps suck.