Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She is 4 now

Today is Olivia's 4th birthday!!! Thank goodness! For the last two months that is all we have heard about. In fact she has talked sooo much about turning 4 that she now thinks she is 5. We celebrated on Sunday and she told me that evening, "Mom this was the best birthday I ever had."
You will notice in her pictures her latest haircut. This is the "fixed" version of her own handy work. Yep, she cut her own hair again. We got pretty much everything fixed except for the bangs. They are still a little sparse looking.

A friend of ours made her cake for her for FREE! It was the best tasting cake. Chris rocks!


Julia said...

Happy Birthday - Pretty Girl

Love, Julia, Genevieve, Abigail Oscar and Owen


OziMum said...

She's 4?!! Good grief! She'll be 10 before we bring Tari home!!!

Gorgeous girl! I laughed that she's thinking about "turning 5"!! My kids do exactly the same thing!!!

OziMum said...

Don't know if you heard - but this is absolutely terrible, and needs as much prayer as we can muster