Monday, March 02, 2009

New Family Members....temporarily!

Okay so here is the scoop. For Christmas we bought Evan a couple Bearded Dragons. As a kid he always wanted a lizard. There was no way I was gonna have any reptiles living in my house so we always said no. Well, he is on his own in his own apartment. So, mom gets this great idea to surprise him with a couple easy to care for pets. I think he really liked them. The biggest problem is that there is something he wants/likes more than his pets......his girlfriend (soon to be fiance'). He is an EMT so he is at work a lot (24-48 hour shifts) so he said he was having a hard time taking care of them and getting them fed etc. I hated the thought of these little creatures dying so I said I would take them back. He said "That would be great, Lexie will be happy." Ah-ha! The girlfriend has all the pull. :) So this weekend we picked them up. The plan is to try to sell one of them right away. I will feed the other one for a while and either sell it or Katie might take it. They are currently about 8 inches long but will grow to 18-24". They are pretty fun to watch and feed. I have not touched them yet. Mike will hold them and Olivia likes to pet them. I don't touch them and Morgan stands on the couch when they are out in case one "gets loose". HAHA! So meet Sherman and Willie....

The picure above is at night. For some reason Willie likes to sleep standing up. Last night when I went to bed this was his position. Standing up hanging on to the little tree. This was still his position when I got up this morning.

The night before this was his position all night. Propped in the corner in what I call the "You are under arrest" pose. He was like this all night. I don't get it, but if he is comfy... I guess all is good.
They love crickets and little mealworms. They will also be getting a diet of greens and veggies. I have discovered that crickets are VERY expensive. (About 12 cents each and they can eat 15 each a do the math). I have found a place to get them wholesale. I gotta buy 250 minimum. That means I will have a tub of crickets in my little apartment. Most people don't know that crickets STINK! I can't wait for nice weather so they can sit outside on the patio.
Anyone in the market for a bearded dragon????

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