Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Mini Reunion

This weekend Morgan, Olivia and I made a trip down to Kentucky. We were part of a little reunion with our adoption group. When we went to China there were several families that traveled together. We got several of those families together to celebrate our "Gotcha Day" in China three years ago. It was so much fun. I have not seen any of these little "babies" for three years and they are getting so grown up. Olivia is the oldest of the group by almost a year (and still the littlest!).

Sophie, Makana, Gianna, Emily, Ava and Olivia

Sophie eating pizza!

Beautiful Emily.

The hostess...MakanaFunny Gianna.

Hilarious Ava. What a doll. A little Chinese girl with a southern accent. TOO CUTE!

Olivia and her buddy Ava.

Olivia and Ava putting on tattoos.

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Julia said...

Gosh Olivia is getting so Big. I'm glad your travel buddies are so close so the girls can keep in touch