Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Weekend

Yesterday was Easter and a thought came to me (yes-I have a thought once and a while). This will be the last Easter (God willing) that our new little one will spend in an orphange. This time next year we will be teaching her who our Heavenly Father is and why Easter is so important to us.

I put a couple pictures of our nursery on the blog. I am pretty proud of this little room. It only took me 8 days from start to finish-including new carpet, doors, paint and trim.

On Saturday we went out to eat with some new friends. We met with Oscar and Julia from South Bend. They also brought along Owen (16) and little Genevive (2-home for one year from Hunan China). I met her online and we decided to get together. They shared with us their experiences with adoption. They are going back again this year for their 2nd adopted daughter. This time though they have asked for a 3-5 year old. It was fun meeting with them.

Now that our paperwork is done and sent off I spent the weekend "shopping". I signed up for baby registries on the Walmart site and the Target site. What fun that was! I have had a few people ask what things we might be needing so for the fun of it I set up the regestries. I also realized how much more fun a young toddler is going to be and shop for verses an infant. Toys and books etc. A one year old will be the perfect "fun" age.

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