Saturday, March 19, 2005

The now beloved I-171H

Exactly one week to the day of being fingerprinted WE GOT OUR I-171H form that we had been waiting on. I am so excited. Before it was the hated I-171H now it is the beloved I-171H. Now the plans are....

Monday..I will drive to Indianapolis and have the 171 state certified. Then I will drop it in a fed ex box and send it to Denise Hope, a courier in Chicago.

Tuesday...Denise will receive the 171 and take it to the Chicago Consulate for authentication.

Wednesday...Denise will pick up the authenticated 171 and fed ex it to our agency.

Thursday...Grace at A Helping Hand will receive the 171 and hopefully send our Dossier off to China. HOPEFULLY!

Then it is wait time.

Also, today I finished the baby's room. Mike got the trim put up, the closet doors up and the dimmer switch done. The only thing I need to do now is move in the crib. It is really a cute room. I am proud of it. Now I just hope the next six months flies by.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! I finally found the website again, Rachel. It was fun to read all the details that you have journaled. Now it is driving me crazy that you aren't telling us her name. You know,your mother is just like you...I want to know everything NOW! I also want to come back for a visit but the doctors aren't sure this would be a good idea now. Of course, I am looking forward to Katie coming out to visit in about 10 days.