Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Stressful Day

Man what a day I had yesterday. Talk about being reminded that I am not in control but God is. My I-171H was certified on Monday (I took Morgan with me and we had a field trip at the State House). I Fed Ex'd my package to Chicago to a courier. She was then planning on taking the document to the Consulate and having it authenticated. Picking it up today and sending it to my agency so that they got it by Thursday. Then our agency would send it to China on Thursday (they are closed this Friday). Anyway, Fed Ex lost my package and it did not get to Chicago. We made several phone calls yesterday and Fed Ex was trying to locate my package. I was a mess cause that meant my perfectly laid out plan was not going to happen. Well, the package was found last night and it made it to Chicago by this morning. The courier took it to the Consulate and begged and pleaded and they agreed to authenticate it TODAY! They almost never agree to doing it same day. She will pick it up this afternoon and get it sent out to our agency and they should have it by tomorrow morning. Then our precious dossier will be sent to China and our paperchase will be over!


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