Monday, February 27, 2006


Yesterday was our benefit at church. I would call it a great sucess. I don't have the totals yet. They will give me those tomorrow. But there was plenty of food. They served chili and potato soup, bread and brownies. We brought soup, brownies and bread home as did several others there was so much left.

Then the items for auction! WOW! I would guess there were about 30 items up for silent auction. Some of the most beautiful baskets! Coffee baskets, chocolate baskets, Mary Kay baskets, movie basket, bath basket, kitchen basket, car care kit basket, children basket, tanning basket, Christmas basket and more. There was a dinner at a fancy restaurant donated, a night at a bed and breakfast donated, a couple golf outings donated, a kids set of golf clubs, hand stamped cards, hand made blankets....I could go on. It was so cool. And people were having so much fun bidding. They were practically wrestling over some of the items.

So, I would say it was a great sucess and I can't wait to do something like this again as a church cause it was fun!

Lori Kay, our pastor's wife, and my good friend, also interviewed us during the church service today. She asked us questions about the adoption process, our feelings and expectations and then prayed for us. It was nerve wracking but afterwards several people said we did really well. WHEW! I hope so, cuz I sure was sweating up there!

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