Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Trip to Ohio

Okay, I had some time to kill so I had to make another one of my surprise trips. LOL! This time I headed to Ohio to surprise another one of my travel mates. Yep-she didn't know I was coming. Morgan and I jumped in the van and made the almost 5 hour trip to her house. She was getting her hair done (we knew that). So when she got home, we were laying in wait. As she got to the door, I opened it for her and asked if she had any packages I could help her with. Well lets just say it is a good thing she does not wear dentures or we would have been picking them up off the floor. Then the screaming and hugging began! I had a great afternoon/evening visiting with Lisa. My buds Sheila and Jack drove up from KY so we could all go to supper together. Julie (Lisa's cousin who was in on the surprise) and her hubs Dave came too. Julie and Dave just got back last month from China picking up their second daughter and Lisa and Mike are also getting their second daughter.

Here are some pictures of Mike, Lisa and Laney. I am terrible about taking pictures. I totally forgot to get my camera out when we were together as a group. Sorry.

I am working on putting together a site for our travel log on Journey to Me. I may try to post here too, but several people have had problems with blogs being blocked in China. Plus on Journey to Me I can have all my pictures, my travel journal and any comments people leave me burned onto a CD for $25 and the site is free. It is password protected though(that is the one thing I don't like about it). Once I have it set up I WILL post here what the address it and the password so everyone can follow along. Kewl? Good! I won't leave anyone behind.

We are hoping for Consulate confirmation today and then we should be able to book our flight tickets today too! Yippee!



Lee-Anne said...

Gorgeous pics (and you say you can't take photos?!!) Hey I love your quilt design - do you mind if I steal your design? If you don't mind me stealing your design - can you please take one of your terrible photos (I'm kidding of course...about the terrible bit!) of it and email it to me? I'd like to actually make a link to it on my blog? I'll make sure you get all the credit - I promise!!!
Cheers Lee-Anne

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