Thursday, February 23, 2006

Surprise Shower! & We are GOING TO CHINA!!!

Last night at our Bible Study group they suprised us with a shower. Above is the gifts we received. We also had a cake, punch and non-alcoholic hooch (white grape juice). We were so shocked. We have only been part of this group for a few weeks but they have embraced us and supported us from day one. It has been really neat.

PART 2: At 9:30 last night we got confirmation of our Consulate date so our agency started working on our flights. Today we got those booked. It is now official! We are leaving on March 8th and returning on March 22nd. Our Consulate appointment is the 20th. We should get our full itinerary next week so we know what we will be doing each day in China.

I just can't believe it. After waiting for so long, the dream seems to be really turning into a reality. We are really going to China in less than 2 weeks! I know the time is going to fly with all the things we have going on yet and the things to do. YIPPEE!!!!

Okay-first advertisement...... our travel log can be found at (username: stahley password: stahley) Bookmark this site. This is where I will be posting our pictures and our travel log. I hope to be posting everyday that we have Internet connections. I will post this again before we leave.

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Lee-Anne said...

WOO HOO!!!! I think says it all!!!