Monday, May 22, 2006

Livi's Birthday

We celebrated Livi's birthday yesterday. It didn't take long for her to get into the ripping off the wrapping paper. She even spent the right amount of time checking each toy out before moving on to the next gift. She still was not feeling quite herself because of her shots and would not have much to do with anyone but mom. She also would not eat any of her cake. So we did not get any good messy cake pictures. She was scared of the candles so big sis Katie had to blow them out for her. LOL. We kept her party low key and only had grandparents and two aunts over (the uncles were working). Five cousins came too.

She also got a picture taken with two of her cousins. One is 7 months old and the other is 2 months old. They both weigh 15 pounds. Only 3 pounds less than she does. If you can't tell she hates having her picture taken and is less than thrilled on this day.

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