Saturday, May 20, 2006

Two Years Old Today

Little Miss Olivia is Two today. We don't know if she even celebrated her first birthday or not but tomorrow we are having a little celebration for her second birthday. Yesterday she got three of the five shots she needed to get caught up and today was not a good day for her. She was sore and running a 103 degree fever. She was quite cranky and wanted to take naps off and on all day.

We did get some good shots of her enjoying her bath this week though.....

This week Olivia also got a really neat mini quilt for her birthday from Kay "Nana" Wilson. She is the really neat lady that did the quilting for Olivia's 100 Wishes quilt. It was really neat to get that package in the mail.

I will post her birthday pictures soon.

1 comment:

Lee-Anne said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y O L I V I A!!!

What a joy to be spending your second birthday with your beautiful family. Hope you have a great day Olivia!

PS. Anyone that asks about our adoption gets to see the gorgeous "it's a girl" card - that feature the cutest little girl I ever saw (that's you Olivia!) (oh, except my little girl, but I have to say that!)!!!