Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have launched a new fundraiser...click here to reach the site.

Last year my mom and step dad had a wonderful girl stay with them as an exchange student. Her name is Juliene and she is from the Philipines. She was able to come to the US because of a scholarship that was offered to her. This Spring my mom was able to travel to the Philipines to see Juliene again and got a chance to see her living conditions. We knew she came from a poor family but we never realized how poor they were. While there my mom and step father committed to build Juliene's family a new home (their current home has three rooms, dirt floors and rusty countertops. They have pigs living practically in the next room, which helps to supply some income). They are also trying to help Juliene's mother take her test to become a nurse and want to put Juliene through college. There are 4 children in the family plus their parents. Juliene is an excellent student and a bright and energetic girl. I am kicking off this fundraiser to try to help raise the funds for the above items plus to help provide money for milk, fruit and dental care for the kids.
The fundraiser is an easy and great one. We all have magazines subscriptions. At this site you can renew or order new magazines. The prices are as good if not better than the prices directly from the publisher. We will then get 40% of the price added to our fund. Please check it out. Help out Juliene and her family.
If you would rather donate directly to the fund leave me a message with your email and I will get my address to you.
Below are some pictures of Juliene and her family.... (Juliene is in the purple in the last picture.)

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