Thursday, May 07, 2009

Update #2

Okay I promised I would also talk about the positives of apartment living.....

About the middle of July I would say I am happy to not be doing yard and landscaping work. I am missing it right now, but I know when it is hot out I will be happy to not have to do it. (Apparently they don't do it here either since the grass is not about 14 inches long.) The utility bills are small. Our highest was about $100 and I think our lowest should be under $50. That is really nice. Even running two woodburners our bills were higher than that in our big house. Smaller living space = faster cleaning time. Can't complain about that. I am getting some exercise using the stairs. I love the location. I am 7 miles from ANY store or restaurant you can think of. We are learning to live with less. When something needs to be fixed I don't have to put it on Mike's to do list, I just call the office. (Unfortunatley Mike does a better job fixing things than these yahoo's).

We have Olivia all signed up for kindergarten. Oh man is this girl ready. All she talks about is going to school. She had an assessment test a month ago and the results came back yesterday. She is ready. The one bad thing about kindergarten round up being early in the Spring is that she has to wait 6 months for school to start. It is almost more than she can bare.

Morgan gets out of school on June 10th. The summer I am sure will be full of things and activities. I know she is going to want to go back to Middlebury a bunch for things going on there. She is really doing well here though too. She made the honor roll again, she has a best friend, Courtney, that lives across the street from us so they are always hanging out together. Yesterday they walked to the park to play tennis. She loves her youth group pastor. She seems to like most of her teachers too. I am really proud of her and how fast she was able to adjust. She is such a great kid. She is growing up so fast and she is the spitting image of her older sister. UGH! Boys beware. Dad is gonna be on the warpath.

Katie is finishing up her finals this week. She is coming to stay with us next week before she starts her summer classes. She is doing great too. She should make the Dean's list again this semester, has her internship set up for next year and this summer will start applying to the Physical Therapy schools for her graduate school. She broke up with her boyfriend of almost 3 years last month and has been struggling some with that.

Evan is busy working! Lots of hours. He is planning something big for this month, but I can't tell yet.

Mike is stressed out at work, but glad to be working. He won't be working the hours this year that he has in the past, but with the economy the way it is, we are just glad to be getting a paycheck.

Thanks for checking in. I will try to do better.

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