Monday, October 27, 2008

BIG NEWS...We are moving!

In case you caught the "Tagged" entry and the line about the apartment (good catch Steph) we are moving. No, our house has not sold yet. (SUCKS!) Mike and I decided about a week ago that he needed his own place. Living with his brother is not working out. Mike wanted to get a 2 BR apartment so the girls and I could just move over there with him. I didn't want to leave our house empty or rent to strangers. Mike mentioned it to our youth pastor and his new wife. They said they would love to "rent" our house and finally not be living with other people. They are going to keep our home occupied and clean it for showings. They have even offered to let Morgan stay with them until Semester break in January.

This last weekend I went apartment shopping and found one. A small one. are tiny and not so cheap. We filled out an application.

I gave my two weeks notice at work today and started the dubious task of sorting out what goes to the apartment, what goes to the storage unit and what stays here at the house.

Mike is relieved that he won't have to live with Greg anymore, Olivia is excited to move and be with daddy, Morgan is stressed about changing schools and I...well...I am still a little numb cause this is all happening so fast.

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