Thursday, October 09, 2008


Well we have decided on a name for our new little guy. He is now known as Sir Chester Kolby Stahley. Affectionately known as Chester. (Kolby was his daddy's name.) He is a little imp. He started out very shy and skittish. That lasted about one day. He now romps, chews pounces and begs for food. He looks much bigger than he really is. Full grown he will be 7-8 pounds. I would guess right now he is a 3-4 pound fluff ball. Miss Annabelle (our Yorkie) is still not too sure about him.
Two days until my dad's wedding. Today Morgan gets to leave school early and go have a manicure date with Grandma Susie. A chance to spend some special time together. Tomorrow night is the rehearsal dinner. I am in charge of the meal. (God help us all!)
Katie is coming home for the wedding. It will be her first trip home since leaving for school two months ago. I know she is more than ready to get away and see us. School is going great but she is having some difficulties with her housemates. She needs her mama to take care of her for a couple days. :) She is bringing a friend home and her friend's one year old. We are pretty excited. It should be a busy weekend.
REMINDER! Today is the last day to go over to Rebecca's blog and sign up for her really cool Raffleaway.


Rebecca said...

OMGosh your puppy is so cute. OK, can I trade you my big hairy slobbery lab for that cute little pup? You know you want another lab. :) Heh.

The raffle is going AWESOME!!! Thank you so much again!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

What a cute and clever name. He is just pure cuteness!