Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dresses, Dresses, Dressess....

I have turned into a dress making fool.

The dresses from our Lovebug shower were a hit and so now several of the girls are interested in some dresses. I bought some more material yesterday and need to pop out 5 more dresses plus the extra two I already have done so I can post a few of them. This is getting crazy.

This is opening weekend for deer hunting so I have seen very little of Mike. He left yesterday morning at 4:30 and ended up spending the night at his mom and dads. I guess he has two deer to bring home so far, but he has yet to shoot one.

Katie was in an accident on Friday night. Allie, her best friend, was driving and Sami my niece was with them. They were all okay. The SUV is totalled but they made it out okay. Pretty banged up and stressed out, but okay. Katie got strapped to a back board and a neck brace and got an ambulance ride to the hospital too.

I also got to keep baby Nolan overnight on Friday night. Lisa was really sick and Jon really wanted to go deer hunting so I suggested that they let me take Nolan so Lisa could take some meds and get a good night sleep. Nolan did great and it gave me some middle of the night practice. I think mommy was much more stressed out than Nolan was.

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