Saturday, November 19, 2005

Will we be next or won't we. That is the question and only time will tell. We should probably know in a couple weeks. I don't know if they are going to split April like they did March. If they do, we probably won't get our referral until the first of January. The waiting is so hard.

I am going shopping in Chicago today. I am going with my friend Julia from South Bend. She is taking us Thrift Store shopping. It will be her last outing before she takes off for China. She is leaving on November 30th to pick up her second "China Princess".

Morgan celebrated her 10th birthday on Wednesday. Her "birthday party" with 15 of her friends is tomorrow. I don't believe I was thinking straight when I allowed her to invite 15 nine and ten year olds over. Just call me loopy. Mike has agreed to help me out though. Believe it or not it will be the first time he has helped out with one of the kids' birthday parties. I think I will let him handle the pinata'. HaHa!

Next week is Thanksgiving already. This month is just flying by. Thank Goodness!

This is also the wonderful deer hunting season. Mike's dad got two deer last weekend-accidently! He shot one and then thought he was shooting at the same one and killed another one. LOL! Mike can't get lucky enough to get a shot at one and his dad kills two. Good thing is he doesn't use the meat and we do-so we got the meat from two so far.