Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays To All

Twas the night before Christmas and all in the Stahley house are tucked in and comfy for the night.

Last night we had Christmas with Mike's family. It was a lot of fun. Mike's parents took us all (14 of us) to Red Lobster for Christmas dinner. Then everyone came back to our house for present time. We had done a name draw at Thanksgiving time so we each had one person to buy for. It was fun watching everyone open their gifts and see what the bounty was. Mike's parents did not stick to the rules and passed out money envelopes to everyone. Shame on them...but I love them. :)

Tonight we had our Christmas program at church. It was put on by the children from the church and was very cute. The rest of the night we are just spending relaxing at home. Watching movies and staying warm.

Tomorrow is pretty low key for us too. No plans except for our own Christmas at home. I really like that. We don't have to rush off to anyone else's home. My dad is coming though in the morning to watch us open our gifts and eat some goodies for breakfast.

I got the COOLEST gift yesterday! My super-cool Lovebug sister from Kentucky sent me a gift and I love it. It is a little denim backpack and she had Olivia's name put on it. I can picture our little one when she is about two years old walking around with her pack on her back. Thank you Sheila, I love ya girl!

Merry Christmas to All and remember the Reason for the Season.

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