Sunday, December 04, 2005

Oh Paybacks!

Remember about 5 weeks ago I told the story of how I went down to Kentucky to surprise a few of my Lovebug friends. Well there is a such thing as paybacks. Friday night we came home from going out to eat and found a 6 pack of Ale-8 on my front porch. (Ale-8 is a pop that is made in Kentucky that Morgan has become a big fan of). I knew immediately that something was up and sure enough within about 2 minutes a vehicle pulled into my driveway with Kentucky plates. After I got done screaming and going crazy I got to sit down and visit with Sheila, Jack, Kim and Kimmee who made the 6+ hour drive to visit me. It was so awesome and they got me good. I did not have a clue they were planning this (believe me my fridge would have been stocked and my house clean if I knew!). We stayed up until 1 AM Friday and Saturday night gabbing and laughing. We went to Shipshewana to visit Amishville. It was exactly what I needed this weekend to pull me out of my funk from the bad referral news. The weekend flew by and now I have the energy to wait another month. Thanks girls! I love you!