Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Suprise Mail

Today in the mail I received an envelope from Brazil. Many years ago we had an exchange student that stayed with us for a year. Gleise became our oldest daughter. It was a wonderful experience having her with us for that year. The following year she came back and stayed with us for a month. We had kept in touch for a while, but over the years that communication has run dry. I knew she was going to Australia for 6 months and then we just lost track. I only have an old address for her mother. Anyway, today I got an envelope with two pictures in it. They are of Gleise's almost two year old daughter. She is sooo cute. There was just a quick note on the back of the picture and no return address. ARGH! Well I am going to give it a try. I typed up a letter and I am going to send it to her mothers old address. Maybe the mother still lives there. I hope.

Please feel free to add comments to my journal. I have no idea if anyone out there in cyber land even reads this. LOL!

The first half of the Lovebugs got their TA's today. YEAH! I don't know why that excites me so much but I guess I feel like we can't get our referrals until the group before us gets their travel plans. There is a possibility that they will be leaving on January 4th.

Mike said something today about heading to Kentucky for a couple days next week. WOW! That came out of the blue. So, we may be planning a trip south for a couple days.

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Just wanted to day...I read your blog and enjoy it!!! Have a great day :-)