Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Same old, Same old

The home front is pretty quiet right now. Only two days left of school and then two weeks of Christmas break! YEAH! I am sure ready for this. I will love not having to get up at 6 and go out and start my bus in the freezing cold weather.

Christmas shopping is done and wrapped so now I can just kick back and relax. We are leaving Friday night and heading to Iowa for Christmas with my mom. Then nothing until the 23rd when we have the Stahley Christmas. We really have a pretty light schedule this year.

This is really a week of anniversaries for us. On December 11th we made the decision to adopt. On December 12th we contacted our social worker for the first time and on December 13th we sent in our application to the adoption agency. So I guess you can say that a year ago this week we got the ball rolling in the process.

I have been sick this week with a headcold. This has put me in a rather grumpy and tired mood. Hopefully I will have it kicked here in a day or two and then be great for our vacation weeks.

Mike has been puttering around the house driving me nuts. He has been washing dishes (by hand instead of the dishwasher) and today he swept the living room. Now I know most of you women would think "That is Awesome" but on a certain level it bugs me. It makes me feel like he doesn't think I am doing my jobs right. I know he is trying to find things to do, but he hasn't even started on my honey-do list and the lack of income is really bugging me too. I think he will be helping the neighbor guy on his farm some, so that will keep him out of my hair.

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