Saturday, December 10, 2005

Next Batch of Referrals

Well the latest batch of referrals has arrived. They came on December 8th which is awesome because that is two days less than a month from the last batch. They have been coming 5 weeks apart, so that is good news. Our agency did not receive any referrals because our group is the next batch they are expecting. The cut off for this batch was April 14th so we missed it by 3 days. We WILL be in the next batch though. YAHHOOOIE! I can hardly wait to see sweet Olivia's face. I think this month will go quickly.

We got 10 inches of snow on Thursday night so yesterday we had a snow day-meaning no school. Morgan and I went Christmas shopping. I think she has most of her stuff done now.

Mike is laid off. Bummer! This is about two weeks earlier than we hoped for. I am just praying for that there are no unexpected expenses this winter.

One more week of school before our Christmas break. I am looking forward to that. Evan will also be coming home in a week and be home for about three weeks. Hopefully my sanity holds out. LOL!

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