Monday, January 23, 2006

Long slow wait

Well this wait will be fairly uneventful. While waiting for TA's there is not the rumor mill to follow and the ups and downs that there are with referrals. It is basically turn your letter in and wait for CCAA to do something with it. So the next six weeks is gonna be slow.

We did get a call from our Pastor's wife on Friday. The church would like to do a fundraiser for us to help bring Olivia home. Probably something like a dinner. I am so excited. I think it is awesome because it is a way for the church to get involved in our adoption, share in our excitement and a way to bring everyone together for a purpose. Of course, Mike sees it as a charity thing. He is not real excited. I gave him many arguments as to why we should agree to it. I finally won him over but it is grudingly. It does not bother me at all. We are always one of the first to step up and help people and everytime we do so we feel blessed. Sometimes you have to be able to recieve. Besides, this adoption and trip is going to happen no matter what. so it is not like we are asking for it.

I bought paint for the living room. I figured that is something I can work on while waiting. (Knowing me it will take about a week to get it done). But that will be one more week down.

I have one suitcase completely packed and three others half packed. I am down to mostly things that we are still using and can't pack until the last couple days before we leave.

The stork alert has just been alerted for the next batch of referrals. This last week has been a roller coaster ride for those waiting. I am SOOO glad to not be in that stage of the game anymore. ;)

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Linda said...

I think that it's wonderful that your church is so eager to participate in your adoption of Olivia! I agree with you ... it's not charity, it's their way of welcoming her into the church family!

I think that's really special that they are helping you in such a meaningful way and showing their support!