Saturday, January 07, 2006

WOW! She is so sweet

Okay-after having a couple days to let it sink in I cannot wait to get my hands on my little girl.

We got our report on Olivia on Thursday. She is walking and learned to say Mama on May 13, 2005. She has 10 teeth. She loves music, is affectionate and likes to help. The report says "when a younger sister falls down, Guo Guan will go to them and try to pull them up. Sometimes she will grab them in the wrong position and it makes us to laugh." She is a moderate sleeper, fairly extroverted but cautious of strangers. She likes to try to feed herself and her food is all over the place.

I went through her closet and drawers last night and pulled out all the 6-9 month stuff. Man, I have no sleepers/pajamas for her and very few other 12 month clothes. I thought I would be sad, but instead I thought, "Yeah, I get to go shopping!"

I have learned that her orphanage only adopts out toddlers. I don't know why though. I also got pictures of the orphanage. It looks to be very clean and well taken care of. It seems it is a showcase orphanage and they have even allowed tourists in. That makes me feel good. Also, Half the Sky Foundation is in there. This is an organization that was developed by adoptive parents. They raise money and work with some of the orphanages to improve them. They also train the pre school teachers to do a better job. They build playgrounds and add things to the orphanage. Good information.

Here are a couple links to see her orphanage:

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