Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Trying to stay cool.....bad news

Well our package has been delayed in New York due to the New Year holiday. It is suppose to be at our agency by 12 noon tomorrow. There are other agencies that recieved their packages and people are posting their referrals. It is really hard to read the other referrals and know we are still waiting. Well, another 24 hours to go.


Anonymous said...

Oh bummer! I just read your blog. I didn't realize that some other agencies did get their packages. Come on DHL!


Anonymous said...

I worked with 2 other nurse are the Guilin orphanage in march 2005 and your little one looks familiar. We are all going through our photos to see if we can find a picture of her for you. The orphanage is a nice place and they really care about the children. Most of the babies are able to spend time in the half the sky developmental program 2 -3 days a week. Here is an email address fo some missionaryies who have created a program to care for the CP kids at the GUilin oprhange. They have just returned to CHina after time at home in Austrailia nd are out at the orphanage almost daily. They can check on your daughter if you ask them, Brian and Kirsten Trower five @trower.biz . I ordered some magazines to help support your adoption expenses. We have 2 daughters from China, 6 and 8 and 4 bio kids in and out of college. Our oldest son lives and works in Beijing. YOu will be traveling to a beuatiful place and your daughter is darling. Happy adopting. Lily Bultema lbultema@bultema.com